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I didn't know i was bulimic

by Victoria Medina
(Georgia )

I didn't know I was bulimic. I ate every day, but went on extreme diets. I would look in the mirror and think 'damn what a fatass' so I'd do more exercise nd eat less. I would always be afraid of eating food because I thought I was gonna gain more weight and it diddnt help at all that my own mother would criticize me and tell me I was getting fat. She would also insult me and tell me that I was an abortion that shoulda happened. Its been going since I was 9. Until my 14 the year when I got diagnosed with depression, to my surprise they told me I was anorexic. This went on for 2 more years and I ended up going back again and this time they told me I was bulimic. They made me urine in a cup and said they culd tell by my keytones. And they made me stay until recovery. I would be lying If I said I never think about throwing up or going on diets again. It always goes through my mind. My mom refuses to take me to therapy again cause she says its a waste of gas to go cause ill never be cured. I'm still struggling and I don't really have anyone for support.

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