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I cant do this much longer.

I'm 22 years old and in the Army. I have been a bulimic for....going on 11 years now. The first few years were really bad...purging between 35-50 maybe 60 times a day. It's all I did. I didn't have time for friends, family, or any type of fun what so ever. I've been trying my best to keep it under control and for the most part I do fairly well at it, but it's like a roller coaster. When things are good and I'm happy...I dont think much about doing it but as soon as something doesn't go my way it slowly creeps back until it just takes over. So sometimes I can go a month or so without doing it and then all of a sudden im back to where I was 10 years ago sitting in my room crying because I cant stop binging and purging.
How can I be so unhappy? I'm living in Germany, I have a wonderful job with wonderful people. I'm healthy, I'm why am I like this? I have been to so many psychologists and talked to so many people, and still I am not ok. How do I stop this, because I just dont think I can mentally or physically take the stress anymore.

I came across this because I had googled stories to see if anyone had ever recovered from bulimia after having it for as long as I have. I'm feeling kind of hopeless.The therapist obviously hasn't what do I do?

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