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I can't do it any more (bulimia)

by Amira

I m suffering from an eating desorder for 4 years now, I binge and purge every single day, I just moved from my country to california to go to college, I feel so alone with my illness, I waste my parents money on
buying food, I try to find treatment in center - but it's so expensive I'm the only international student here and I DnT have health insurance, I'm so tired I want study and have my degree to make my mother odious of me but bulimia already made my life miserable, I visit some therapist here but I hate them all, I feel like they DnT care about me, they only wanna money, I have another appointment with new psychiatrist - $160 per session I hope she would help me with my binging and purging because I can't anymore. I'm almost one year here and I have no friends, I have mood disorder and I lost the pleasure of many things in life.

What should I do, please help me I'm really lost!

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