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I BEAT BULIMIA - The secret to what was keeping me from recovering...

Hey everyone!

I am the person who wrote the story "oops i did it again" who had relapsed. I have very good news! I am officially bulimia free - and I've found the secret that was keeping me from recovering 100% the first time...


I wasn't allowing myself to eat the things I wanted. I was scared this was going to make me gain weight. I was also controlling EVERYTHING from portions, calories, everything...

One morning I woke up and I was like "I want a grilled cheese with turkey" (something I used to have every morning here in Brasil) and I was like wow, I ate a normal size of grilled cheese and a banana, I worked out - not because I felt like I had to burn it off, but because I had energy and I love working out, tanned and I wasn't even hungry until lunch time! It made me feel full.

Of course, I've been in the process of recovering for a while. I started with very structured eating of things I felt comfortable with, then after a while you slowly progress to eating what you want without having to worry - you KNOW it won't make you gain weight.

I couldn't be happier and I feel so free. I hope you'll join me - everything seems a lot brighter here on the other side :)

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Article by Shaye Boddington
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