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I Am.

by Jenna
(Angola, New York)

I am hurting on the inside.
The world does not see.
Who i am
Or who I'm meant to be.

I am broken.
A pebble soaked in the rain.
The downer.
The one used in vain.

I am sick
But not yet skinny
Screaming for help
Wanting to be mini.

I am tired
Of showing the fake
The outer plastic
My life at stake.

I am Ana.
All skin and bones
She is perfect
No sticks and stones.

I am Mia.
The thinspo girl
Fill me up
Then watch me hurl.

I am reality
Of what you made
The things you show
The thoughts you invade.

I am silent
Because you cannot see
What I am,
What you did to me.

I am not good enough.
Will I ever?
Show you perfect
My lips say never.

I am weak
Bones are brittle.
What's left?
So little.

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