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I am scared I will gain lots of weight

This is probably a question you will get all the time.

I am at a normal weight right now and I do not look like I am a bulimic.

I am working out because I want to get into shape again but i'm scared that this process will make my gain 10 plus pounds. Is my metabolism completely shot?

I was wondering if you took any vitamins while recovering or anything to boost your metabolism?

THANK YOU. You have probably saved my life.

Shaye Says

Hi there!

You're right - I do get asked a lot about potential weight gain in bulimia recovery... But I don't mind because I know it's something that most bulimia sufferers are very concerned about...

To be completely honest... Yes, it is likely that you will gain some weight... BUT, before you heart sinks too deeply... Let me explain what this weight is...

Bulimia makes you dehydrated. That means every single cell in your body is in need of a great big drink... Once you begin eating and digesting again, your cells have the chance re-hydrate. This can have an effect on your weight...

For example, in my first week of recovery I gained around 11 pounds! I was shocked as you can imagine. In fact, when I saw the number on the scale I felt like I was going to pass out! I thought I had gained 11 pounds of fat... but, the reality is you can not gain this amount of fat in 1 week - especially if you are eating a normal amount of food!

I had simply gained a whole lot of water! My cells were drinking up a storm!

Plus there was food sitting in my tummy which had a weight too - probably about 3-4 pounds...

AND... there was a bit of edema - which is temporary water retention often experienced as we begin to recover....

AND... there was some muscle gain as my body repaired the damage that bulimia had done to my once athletic body.

Out of the total 11 pounds I gained in that first week - I'd be surprised if more than 1 or 2 of it was fat.

So please, remind yourself of my story when you are in recovery. I promise you - any weight gain is worth it - especially considering the weight is mostly water!

Bye for now,

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Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
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