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I am recovering!

I have been bulimic since the age of 20. I'm now almost 25... I was on diet and I figured out that vomiting helps me loose more weight.
I could eat everything yet loose weight... piece of cake.

I did not know actually what is going on with me. I loose control over food and can't resist the idea of purging.

I wanted to tell some one and ask for help but i was ashamed and didn't want to hurt my parents about my truth so i kept it inside.

The feeling of guilt and shame is unbearable. I want to have my life back and stop thinking of food and weight all day.

I want to to have a normal life with my bf so recently i made a research on the internet and discovered that i suffer from an eating disorder called Bulimia nervosa.

I was determined on recovering so i started on 21/12/2012. The bloating and water retention was killing me. I wanted to quit.. i miss feeling light and small tummy.

Believe me, it's worth trying, the bloating is almost diminishing and i am having my life back.

I am maintaining a healthy diet plan and my weight is going down but in a normal way.

49 days and more to come... I am willing and will recover

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Article by Shaye Boddington
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