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I almost died at 13

by Mary

The first time I shoved my fingers down my throat I knew I was hooked...

It was the week school got out so I always had time to do it. I am also anorexic,so what little I ate would be thrown up. I didn't start binging and purging until once I starved myself for about a week and I got so hungry that I ate everything in sight and threw up for 2 hours... That was the time I almost died.

When my family found out about my eating disorder they were so hurt. It was depressing, but I just couldn't stop and I still haven't. Some of my teeth are half rotten and my stomach is permanently damaged. I also have missed nearly a month of school because my eating disorder has weakened me so much.

Don't let anybody throw their life away like I have thrown away mine. I want to be better so I don't have to look at my body everyday and say "Ew".

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