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by HY

Does anyone else feel that they are bulemic because it gives them a sense of 'CONTROL"??? I don't feel that I control anything in my life and this appears to be the only aspect of my life that I can control. I am in good shape and eat well but on occasion I over-train. I feel a very strong need to be fit and toned. I experience feelings of guilt when I binge eat hence my purging. I also noticed that I will only binge eat by myself and purge when I am by myself... This is a pattern apparently that I cannot change by myself and I don't want to do this anymore!!!

I only binge eat if nobody is around if it is something i didn't buy I won't binge eat it most of the time usually i limit myself to only buying fruits and vegtables so that helps prevent eating a whole lot of junk food then throwing it up keeping myself busy throughout the day also helps me because I'm not always thinking about it. I also have to surround myself with a good support group. instead of buying sugary foods I often try to buy healthy dried fruit for my sugar craving. This helps me from going out and buying a bunch of junk food and binge-eating it all in one sitting. When I get mad, upset or frustrated it appears to trigger my bulemia. The people around me know I am bulemic and they try to help me deal with my triggers and feelings.

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