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Hunger in bulimia recovery

by Ji

Hey Shaye, how are you?

I need your help again :) coz I am a little confused

Today is day 101 and I am very happy about it, but it's stil hard sometimes. I am eating intuitivley for more than 5 months now. In the begining I was overeating from time to time, because I felt hungry and I did not want to restrict, and I was fine with that. What is happening now is the opposite and I don't know what exactly I have to do. Now, some days I have normal appetite and I eat normally, but others I don't feel like eating. I am absolutely sure I am not restricting, coz I said NO to that , it could only do harm for me. Sometimes, when I think I did not eat enough I eat something to up my calories, but afterwards I feel sick. Even in days like that, my calories are not below the minimum recomended, but I still don't know what to do. Shall I listen to my body? Is that what is happening with normal people?

PS: My weight is still the same (higher that pre-bulimia) I hope this is temporary.


Shaye Says

Hi Ji!

I am really good thank you - and it's great to hear from you again! CONGRATULATIONS on being 101 days into recovery - that is so awesome! You should be really proud of yourself :)

Your question is a good one - and well done for not wanting to restrict... As you now know, restricting could throw you back into the bulimia cycle! But, the thing is, you are becoming more in tune with your body now - and perhaps you are better at knowing what it needs now than you were 5 months ago... If you are eating to the point of feeling sick - then this probably isn't what your body wants. Eating a little less (as long as you are not hungry and you are not doing it for weight loss) wouldn't be restricting. Maybe you could try to still eat 6 times per day - but make the meals a little smaller. If you find your hunger increases, then eat a little more. Really tune into your body to see what it needs to nourish it and help it heal even further...

Now that I am fully recovered - some days I eat a lot and other days I don't eat so much. The truth is, our bodies require different amounts of energy on different days. It's normal to have different hunger cues from time to time! Once you have learnt how to listen to your body again, it's okay to ease off on the rigid structured eating and try to listen to exactly what your body needs... Of course, if you start this and find you begin getting bulimia-related thoughts again, you can always go back to structured eating until you are even more healed!

I hope this helps Ji - keep up your amazing work :)


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