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how to tell people about bulimia?

your site has really helped...

I really want to stop but I just don't know how to tell anyone. I am 13 and started being bulimic when I was 12.

I don't know if i should tell my mum first or my best friends let alone how to tell them! So, I think writing about it on here should help me build up the courage to tell someone.

I have always just thought it doesn't matter... Why would any care about me? It all started when my brother went into a coma and then my parents got a divorce...

Now I'm having to move house and I'm pretending to everyone I'm ok but really bulimia is the only thing I feel I have control over... but I don't...

I have even starting eating paper so I don't binge. I'm scared of going into one of those clinics were they treat people...

I really hope everyone else on here has found the help their looking for and I hope I will to.

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