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how to stop bulimia? and lose 8 kilos?

by sara

I have been bulimic for 2 years till now and I don't know how to stop :(

I am 58 kilos and I just want to lose 8 kilos normally and stop that bulimia what can I do?

Help me please it's really urgent my wedding is in 2 months and I need to be healthy.

Shaye Says

Hi there Sara!

I'm sorry to hear about your difficult struggle with bulimia...

The first to understand it that it's hard to recover from bulimia when you're focusing on losing weight... The two generally don't come hand in hand!

I guess you could lose weight during recovery - IF you're body is higher than it's healthy weight range right now... But that's hard to say because I don't know you... 58 kg's doesn't sound like much? I weight around 60 kg's and consider myself quite slim.

Believe it or not though - some people do actually manage to lose weight during bulimia recovery... This only happens though if they learn how to beat the binges and eat naturally and healthily.

I really can't stress enough that during recovery you should try not to focus on your weight. At the end of the day your health is so much more important!

All the best for your wedding and I hope that you find all the health and happiness you could wish for...


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