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How to restore stomach acid levels?

by Courtney

Hello Shaye,

My name is Courtney and I posted the article "Recovery is Beautiful but also Stressful" Back in June of 2012, and I just want to say I'm still battling the swelling but not because of bulimia recovery. I need to let everyone know who is going through recovery how extremely important it is to get yourself to go to the bathroom (number 2 that is). I didn't even have the urge to go or energy to just sit there. I was not eating enough and I held it in for at the most 3 weeks which is what caused all of the swelling!!
I ended up restricting more and more and I was very frustrated why I couldn't lose weight and feel healthy even if I was eating the healthiest things! I knew it was a abnormal swelling, but it took a lot of researching on my part to finally figure it out. Turns out from not going to the bathroom, I caused parasites and a bacterial infection which then caused a autoimmune disorder (thus the swelling).
I did return back to being bulimic but this time, it wasn't the same. I never lost any weight, and my symptoms never improved, I was so frustrated. It was a roller coaster ever since, until now that I have it all figured out. I'm taking herbal fiber blend and I make sure to go everyday but now that I have parasites and a bacterial infection it makes everything that much harder. I have low stomach acids so it makes digesting really difficult and I am thinking that is because of bulimia. I can't even digest meat, fruits or vegetables! Weird as it is why my teeth were in great shape (regardless of all of the purging)was because I had no stomach acid in me! I have to be very strict with food combining as well (extremely important if you don't want to bloat!) I was wondering what things can I do to increase my natural levels of digesting? I am starting to drink peppermint tea again, but other than enzymes, what can I do? I know that part is attributed to bulimia so I need to fix it, otherwise having no acid is just a breeding ground for parasites and bacteria...

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