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How to help a bulimic friend

by Andrew
(New York)

My best friend has confided in me that she has bulimia. She said she is doing her best at solving it on her on and is against the idea of going to a counselor. She has gotten a lot better in recent months. Will she be able to do this on her own? What all can I do or encourage her to do to get completely better?

Shaye Says

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for trying to help your friend beat this!

If your friend confided in you, I would expect that she is serious about beating bulimia and really wants to... This is an important part of the recovery process...

I would direct her towards this site so that she can see clearly that she isn't alone and that she isn't crazy, weird, mad and so on... We all think we are these things when we're suffering in silence!

Hopefully, after getting this reassurance from my site, she will have the confidence to take the next step... Be that getting additional help - or continuing successfully with her self help.

Continue being her pillar of support... You have no idea how much it means to her!

Bye for now,

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