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How to Handle Triggering Foods?

by Happy

I am now in recovery. After 11 years of a bulimia life, I dont expect I can heal in 3 or 4 months, I fully understand it take time.

I stil B/p everyday, but I have cut down from about 11 times a day to now about 3 times a day, I try my best to make it free of bp but too difficult. My mind always think of food.

I have one question here, Over the past 11 years I always binge on sweet, fat and carbo foods, some of it are my favourite food like waffles, french fries, indian roti canai.. nowadays in my recovery, i am trying to eat healthy but I really dont know how to say "NO" to this type of unhealthy food.

Everyday I feel as though I struggle as I have a very very strong urge to eat this sweet and fatty food, in the other hand I knew I will purge if I eat it. Because i really cant allow myself to hold this food down to my stomach and digest..its so high calories and so fat. But the more restriction then the more i feel like binge on these food.

I am now very confused about this. Restrict will end up with binging. If i take it will also end up down in the toilet bowl as i really cant allow myself to digest this fatty food.

I am sorry to ask such a stupid question, but really hope to get some suggestion or advise from you.

It take Time, but i know i will recover one day :)

Thank you with Love.

Shaye Says

Hi there Happy!

It is not a stupid question at all - there is no such thing as a stupid question :)

I actually completely understand what you mean... I had the same problem... I used to restrict 'fattening' foods only to fall flat on my face and binge on them later in the day...

The key is to plan your structured eating (3 meals and 3 snacks - spaced a maximum of 3 hours apart each day) and to allow at least 1 'fun-food' or 'treat-food' into your plan... Maybe it is 1/2 a waffle for afternoon tea... maybe it is a rotti with your lunch... It is up to you. A small amount of these types of food will not make you gain weight - in fact, it is important to allow yourself to eat these types of foods... It will reinforce to your sub-conscious mind that it is ALLOWED them - and there is no need to want to binge on them.... As with all things, it will take time for your sub conscious mind to change and accept this - but be persistent!

Another tip is to always limit the amount of triggering food you have available. If you planned to have a rotti with your lunch, make sure you only pack one... Or make sure you only carry enough money for that specific food. Also, make a plan for once you finish eating these types of foods - something to do that quickly distracts your mind and helps you to think of other things.

You are doing so well - cutting down from 11 times a day to 3 times day is HUGE progress! You are awesome - remind yourself of that!


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