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how to eat by following a structured plan?

by happy lady
(hong kong)

My work always has lots of entertainment for lunch and dinner, and also sometimes has event dinners. How can I follow the structure eating plan through these?

The table is always full of differents type of food and sometimes dinner is organized at the German Restaurant (Lots of meat especially pork) or Italian Restaurant...

I really have no idea how to eat light, and after every meal I have a strong urge to purge. Its really difficult for me to allow this type of food to digest in my body...

Any advise and opinion?

By the way, I really feel very happy for this website... You really help us a lot.

Shaye Says

Hi Happy lady!

I'm glad that my website has helped you a lot :)

Structuring your eating can be difficult when you have a job that involves a lot of food and entertainment... But, it's not impossible.

The key is to make sure that you have 3 meals and 3 snacks a day... Plan them in the morning and try your very best to stick to them. When you are out at a restaurant, eat slowly and enjoy each bite. Once you have finished your allocated amount, remind yourself not to panic because in a few hours time, you are allowed food again for your next mean or snack.

When you know that food is always just around the corner - it makes it much easier to say 'no thank you' to more than your allocated amount right now.

I hope this helps - keep putting one foot in front of the other - and you will successfully walk the road of recovery!


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