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3 simple tips on How to Beat Bulimia

I had no idea how to beat bulimia. I'd battled with it for over 1/2 my life... Now, 2 days before holidaying with my amazing new boyfriend... I was getting nervous.

The stunning islands of Aitutaki...

We were going to the pacific paradise of Aitutaki...

A beautiful and romantic island. We would be swimming in the warm waters, snorkeling, sunbathing and eating romantic dinners by candle light...

However... I knew that behind the scenes - I would be doing something oh-so-unromantic...

I'd sneak off and puke up those romantic candle lit dinners... Crossing fingers that Tom never caught me.

bulimia dangers
On Holiday In Aitutaki...
Pretending things are fine
and dandy!

Our holiday came and went...

Tom didn't catch me. Thank God.

It was stressful though! The bathroom door had no lock (bulimics nightmare!) Which meant that every time I was throwing up I'd have to pray that Tom didn't come in... By some miracle he didn't - and I got away with it.

I was bulimic for another 4 years before I finally learnt how to beat bulimia.

Here's how I did it...



My Top 3 Tips on How To Beat Bulimia

Below are 3 KEY tips I used whilst learning how to beat bulimia. I'm confident that if you use them too, you can recover from bulimia for good.


1) Practice intuitive Eating to Kick Bulimia Binges

Uncontrollable binges are one of the biggest set backs that people encounter when learning how to beat bulimia. Bulimics are used to consuming massive amounts of food to deal with their problems and it's difficult to break that habit... But - It's not impossible... I promise.

Intuitive eating helped me end the mindless munching... and it will help you too!


What is intuitive eating?

Intuitive eating is listening to your body's messages about food. Figuring out what it truly wants and needs.

This can be hard for many people - especially bulimics as these messages have become so mixed up over the years of bulimia.


Everybody knows how to Eat Intuitively...

We all eat intuitively when we're babies. We scream and cry when we're hungry and we spit out our bottles when we're full.

Intuitive eating is something everybody can do...

But, because we're constantly bombarded with messages of food, dieting and eating... We've forgotten how to do it. From the moment we were born... Intuitive eating was trained out of us...

But, you can get it back. You can learn how to eat intuitively again...

Imagine the benefits of:

Can you see how learning to do these things could end your binges forever?

My therapist Amanda taught me about Intuitive eating. And, it's one of the BEST bulimia self help methods I've ever used.

Practicing intuitive eating is essential if you want to learn how to beat bulimia. To master intuitive eating... I suggest reading 'Intuitive Eating' by Evelyn Tribole... Click here for more info.


2) Don't Carry The Weight Of The World Alone...

I was always the kid that could handle the heat... The kid that could take whatever came my way.

I was the tough kid - or so everybody thought...

In reality I had a soft soul. I felt things. I was easily wounded. BUT... I never let anyone know it.

This tough exterior continued into my years of bulimia. I pretended everything was fine and dandy... But on the inside I was screaming. My life was falling apart.

Bulimia is such a massive burden for you to carry on your own. It helps to share it with somebody. Talk about your illness... Your feelings... Your fears.

Find somebody you trust and open up to them completely.

I remember the day I first talked about my bulimia. It felt as though I could finally breathe again... I felt hopeful for the first time in over a decade.


3) Don't Worry, Be Happy Now :)

Life is too short to take seriously... But, that's what bulimics do. We take everything so seriously and it takes the fun out of life!

Relax... Turn on your favorite song. Dance. Sit in the sun. Call up a friend. Go for a walk. Go to the beach. Join a club. Play some sport. Buy a puppy.

You get the idea! Just enjoy yourself a bit more. Find a long list of things you love doing... and then... DO THEM!

Whenever you feel angry, sad, depressed... Pull out your list and MAKE YOURSELF do one of the things on it!

That doesn't mean you need to buy a new puppy every week...

It can be something simple... Even great music can snap you out of your mood and help you fight the urge to binge.

Have fun with your life. The last thing you want is to get to 90 years old and go... Gawd.. That was boring.

Learning how to love your life is a key part in learning how to beat bulimia.




Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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