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How long until the life returns to your face after bulimia recovery?

by Si

Hi Shaye,

I am curious and wanting to know how long it usually takes for a bulimic's complexion to become plump and "juicy" once more, and not it's usual haggard, worn-out look, with lines and that look of 'death warmed over'. This will most definitely give me something to look forward to.

And how long, generally, until the body is replenished with nutrients again (assuming one stays committed to the path), vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and one actually feels the body is healthy and flush once more with nutrition? In general, what has been your experience, and those of others, of returning to true health once again! I look forward to this day!!

I ask so it give me that healthy aspect to look forward to--of regaining the complexion once more and the body being healthy and healed.

Thank you! This will be such an inspiration for me, and something to look forward to each day as my goal and my reason for recovery!!! I love your site by the way and the amazing, healing work you are doing for so many bulimics seeking for the light!

Thank you Shaye! Blessings! xo


Shaye Says

Hi Sia! (is your name Siane? Such a beautiful name - the same as my cousin!)

I know the haggard look you're talking about... I had it big time! I looked like I had had a big night out on the town - every single day!

Luckily, our bodies are very good at bouncing back... For me, it was just a matter of a few months before I noticed the life returning to my face... and, it got better and better as time passed. I look the same age today - at 25 - as I did when I was 20... Maybe even younger! My eyes and skin glow like they never did when I was bulimic... This is probably due to both being well nourished and also being so happy! Both do wonders for the life that beams from your face! I know you will experience this too one day :)

I promise you, there is so much reason to recover - and so little reason to stay with bulimia... You'll realize this more than ever once you beat bulimia... Life is so amazing and simple!

Keep up your awesome work on this exciting journey!


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