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How Long Until My Bulimia Chipmunk Cheeks Go Away?

by D.M

Hi Shaye,

How long will it be until my face goes back down to it's normal size. My face is still swollen - I have stopped bulimia for 1 week today.

I hate these chipmunk cheeks and want them to go!



A Response From Shaye

Hi there D.M :)

Great to hear that you've managed to beat bulimia for an entire week - that is such an awesome and important start! Keep it up!

Bulimia cheeks are a real nuisance - I actually didn't realize that I had them until my face went down and everyone commented on how slim it looked! For me it took the best part of 3 months for them to totally go away... But they were improving from about the first 3 weeks without throwing up.

It is different for everyone though... But... Give it time and they will go disappear. Drink lots of water and try to eat as much raw and nutritious food as you can.

Good luck!

Lots of love,

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