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How do you tell your secret of bulimia to the woman who gave birth to u?

by Rach

I watch make it or break it and I see how kaley is anorexic and goes to a camp for it, and now it's got me thinking that I want to go to one of those too.

But I also don't want to give up my whole life for six months. What about school? friends? And most of all family?

And how can I go away to some camp and not be connected with the rest of the world? I want to but I just can't shake the feeling if I do go, I'll be shut off from the world.

Now money. My mom is divorced and is remarried but I have true other siblings, which with two already in college money is tight. How can I go to a therapist or camp knowing how much my mom would have to spend, I can't do that to her.

But what about me? Should I just tell her and get the help I need or just forget about the whole thing? She already works enough, I don't need her to be away from me more and more just because I don't like keeping my food in my stomach. It's not fair.

My moms an oncology nurse. She's told me so many times how anorexia and bulimia is so bad and stupid to do. I can't let her down.

I got Portia DeRossis book about her struggles from the library and my mom read the back and was like "why did u get the book on anorexia?" I could've told her right then and there, but I was scarred out if my mind, I just couldn't. It made me felt even worse. Ugh!!!

Shaye I need help on what do I say? And where are some camps I could go to

Help xox Rach

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Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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