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How do you know that you are bulimia free?

by Ji

Hi, darling!

This is my third question at least, but I really find your story inspiring and I am sure you have gone the right way, so I would ask you another very important question for me.

When during bulimia recovery do you know that you are free from the disorder? How do you know? What are the signs? Today is my 12th day, and I know I have more way to go. But still wanna know, what makes you a healthy person, over the disorder?

Thanks, thanks, thanks! :)


Shaye Says

Hi Ji!

Great to hear from you again - and SO happy that you're on your 12th day!

It took me one year before I felt comfortable saying that I was totally free of bulimia and any of the limitations it puts on your life...


I knew I was bulimia free when:

I could go out with friends for dinner and not worry about over eating...

I could eat what was on my plate and not feel like I had to eat more...

My weight had stabilized and I felt comfortable with my body...

I never threw up after eating...

From time to time I'd overeat (everyone does it!) but I would never 'binge'

I stopped using food to deal with my feelings

I was HAPPY!


It's hard to pin point the time that you go from being bulimic to non-bulimic... It's a gradual development... But it's an exciting one.

You sound like you're on the right track - just keep doing what you're doing! It's fantastic!

Keep up the fantastic work - you're an inspiration!

All the love,

P.S. As per your other comment the psyllium husk could have given you a rash - if you feel you need something to help your bowels along - you could use senna tea. But don't over do it - because it is a natural laxative :)

Another even better option could be to blend up linseed - they are full of fiber that will help speed things along!

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