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How do you handle the urge to binge?

by Jennifer


How do you handle your urges to binge?

I experienced a strong urge today and decided to walk to the store and buy packaged binge food. I was telling myself that I just wanted to have the food on hand in case I decided to have a cookie... or two. I knew this was ED (eating disorder) talking to me but I listened and bought the food anyways.

When I was walking back to the office I asked myself:

Why am I reaching for bulimia right now?

I realized that my job stability is scaring me (I recently found out that there's a good chance I'll get laid off in June). Although I initially viewed the potential job loss as a positive (one door closes, another opens) the uncertainty still scares me.

I haven't eaten the binge food that I bought yet. It is still tucked in my satchel in case I "need" it but I don't want to need it...

Any tips on how you handle your urges to binge and purge will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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