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How Do We Learn To Love Ourselves?

by H

Hi Shaye,

I am almost two months into recovery, and as I continue to recover and be committed to myself, I've been pondering a big question lately, how do we learn to love ourselves? I know at the core of bulimia is lack of self love and self esteem. So, do we do learn to get that back? (or for some, how do we get it for the first time?)

I know that stopping the cycle of b/p is a huge step in loving myself, but I want to know more on this question, of anyone out there who can answer or has anything to say on this, I sure would appreciate it. I know it may seem to be a silly question, but I seriously wonder how one comes to cultivate self-love (which leads to self-esteem and self-confidence?? How do we learn to Love ourselves-- completely, wholly and joyfully??

How did you do it Shaye? What are your thoughts on this subject? I believe it's a very important subject to cover more in-depth. I feel there are stages to recovery: the first is setting up a structured eating plan to start you back on the recovery road, then it feels like the next phase is where you begin to deal with feeling and self-nurturing while continuing the eating plan, and then so on to the next phase, etc.

I feel like after completely seven weeks I am ready to go deeper into healing the core issues that started my bulimia in the first place...I would love to hear from everybody on this subject...I think we could all benefit from it... : )

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