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How do I talk to someone who I truly suspect (for good reasons) has bulimia?

by Compassionately Caring

Hi everyone,
I have a concern about someone, maybe 2 people who I truly suspect has bulimia and, or anorexia. I want to help them, but I don't know how. As people who have recovered, or who may still be in the process of recovery, what would be the best way to start the conversation of the concern to anyone who is either, or both of them? & what would be the best way to show them that I care to help them and them knowing that, eventually them allowing me to help them? They both are co-workers and we work in a early childhood learning center, so when it's nap time,one of them and I are both in the same room for about 45min-1 hour until she goes to another room to work.

Reasons why I suspect this for one of them is seeing empty food containers around the room. Which I was trying to search on the net to answers why they do that? Is it a reminder (like more specifically for anorexics) to not have food? or what? I have also seen the other lady have the red "chipmunk cheeks" that was mentioned in an article on this website. I really care about these people, I even see one of them as my older sister, even though I just met her this year, I just feel this connection with her.

When I was in Jr. high, I did struggle with bulimia a little bit, (almost throwing up in the kitchen sink a few times,after breakfast but I never did), so it never got severe at all. So, I prayed one morning and asked God to help me through that, that I do not want to be like that, and He has helped me since then after that prayer when I was in 8th grade. Support groups are amazing, though, too. Thank you so much for any replies.


Compassionately Caring

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