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How do I recover from bulimia? I keep slipping...

I just wanted to know how can I stop relapsing?

I thought I was better but now I binge and purge again!

How do I stop?!

Shaye Says

Hi there :)

Relapsing or slipping can be very frustrating... But, it's important to realise that slipping up is a natural part of recovery!

Going a few weeks/months without bingeing and purging is awesome progress - slipping up, even for a few weeks, can't take that progress away from you!

Whenever you relapse, just remind yourself it's part of the journey - and it's normal. Make the commitment to jump back on the recovery wagon as soon as you can...

Try your best to learn from the experience... What could have caused the relapse? Were you restricting your food? Attempting to diet? Ignoring your emotional needs? Trying to use food to cover up your emotions? Once you get to the source of it... Plan for next time you feel this way... How can you avoid the situation or get around it without slipping...

Keep pushing ahead - and you'll get there!

I know the road isn't easy... But nothing in this world worth fighting for is!


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Article by Shaye Boddington
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