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How do I get back on track after a bulimia slip

Hi there,

I am really trying hard to beat this condition. I am having regular CBT and really feel I am improving. However when I have a relapse my mood goes from been very happy to so low. I have had 11 healthy days and had a relapse. This is the part I struggle with. Do you have any tips of how to get back on track after a binge and purge session?. I find this so hard as I tend to have a bowl of cereal or something light as I often feel faint and fatigued after a binge and purge but worry as I feel want to carry on eating. I am frustrated at having a blip as I did not gain any weight when in recovery I ate healthily and exercised so I know bulimia has no purpose for me.

Hope you are okay

Mnay Thanks


Shaye Says

Hi Sharon,

That's a really good question...

The first step to getting back on track after a slip is to realize that slips are completely normal - and just a part of the recovery process. You need to try and talk your way out of any negative self judgment by reminding yourself of your accomplishments so far in your recovery journey...

Once you feel you are in a better frame of mind, have something to eat if your body needs it - but, before this, plan a form of distraction for after you've eaten...

Then, take action on your plan. Take your minds focus off bingeing and purging and onto something enjoyable or creative. I used to do paintings - which took my mind off things and I found very therapeutic.

It takes practice - but it is possible to get back on track the same day - after a binge/purge. I know you can do it!

Keep up your awesome work - you are doing so well!

Keep in touch!

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