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How differently things look after a month of bulimia recovery

by Val

Hi everyone:

Well, day 35 now and I'm doing good. My emotions are at a different level now I've noticed. The anxiety of resisting the urges to binge have subsided. I am really more comfortable with food and my body. I am going to have a couple of tuna sandwiches today - been over a month since I've had white bread and I probably threw it up back then! - since I'm getting my first crown this afternoon and I have to take lunch with me. I'm actually excited - not dreading - about my dentist appointment!!

I've realized that this recovery process does take time - breaking the habit to binge/purge does take a little time - but the habit does break! What will take longer is being comfortable with eating certain foods (I call it my binging foods) and also eating in moderation in certain social situations. Also what will take longer is reversing the mindset of hating your own body and how you look, and focusing on weight. You definitely don't recover overnight, but don't let that stop you anyone!!!

Eat as healthy and your body will reward you! Start a cycle of postitive eating habits, which in turn gives you positive results with your health and body, which in turn gives you a much more postitive outlook on yourself and life!! And keep that cycle going!!

I see now that bulimia starts with a negative view of yourself and life, which in turn gives you a negative view of your weight and your body, which in turn gives you a negative attitude towards food. And that cycle is so destructive.
I feel like my head is out of those dark clouds and I can see things as they were in my life.

Take care everyone!

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