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How did this happen?

by Katie
(Philadelphia, PA)

I grew up in a house where my dad always commented on my mother's weight. I don't know how much that has to do with my story but here it goes. I started experimenting with dieting in junior high probably. I remember i went on a "popcorn diet" that I created myself at one point. In college it all hit me. I was so stressed. I was in the middle of a divorce in the middle of nursing school. I left an abusive relationship to move constantly just so I could get myself through school. Perhaps that's why I threw myself into dieting? I can't pin point why I started dieting anymore. I was also molested as a child they say that can affect this too. Anyway I was staying with this girl she always encouraged eating (she was overweight) so we would binge eat for fun. One say I thought I'd try ditching the food and I guess that's where it started. It seems like I did it once and never looked back *sigh*

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