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How can I help my girlfriend?

I'm not sure if this is the right spot or not to post this. If it's not I do apologize. I've never been one to leave messages over the Internet. I guess I am getting desperate. My girlfriend has came to me about her bulimia and anorexia, wanting me to help her get over it. She's had it since she was 12, she's 19 now. I've always knew, but I never guessed it was this bad. She told me her hair is falling out. She's been on this calorie restricting diet of X a day no exceptions. She's lost X pounds since may. She feels that bc she is bigger and still has X pounds to lose. Nobody will take her seriously. I've noticed that she told me she wanted to get to 150, well 150 turned into 130, now 115. She said I will get a gym membership then work out till I can't move. Then I can eat X calories. She's really obsessive and anal about calories and weighing her food and herself everyday. What can I do to help her? I hate seeing her like this. I feel helpless, especially when we talk for hours about it. Then she goes and purges our supper and doesn't think I hear her and I get so mad. Like my efforts are pointless. Then I feel bad for getting mad. Any advice you can give I'll appreciate. Thank you

Shaye Says

Hi there,

I'm glad you cared enough about your girlfriend to seek help on her behalf.

I think the most important thing is for your girlfriend to realise that she isn't alone and that there are so many other women battling as she is... It's also critical that she WANTS to get better... because without that, it simply won't work. My advice to you is to direct her to this website... Suggest she reads the articles and all the stories shared by other women and men. This will help her to see that bulimia only causes suffering - and that she is worth so much more than that!


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