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how bulimia changed my life

by roxanne

Hi I'm Roxanne,

I want to share my story about my experience with bulimia. I like reading your site because it makes me realize that I'm not alone with this struggle. I found hope and acceptance just by reading your stories and others as well. I cried by reading some of the stories because I remember the things that I went through with bulimia...

I gave up my dream to be a nurse because of bulimia because I cant sleep anymore... I cant concentrate on my studies (all my major subjects are failing) So I decided to stop and take a new course the following semester which is really frustrating and depressing to me.

I want to be a nurse because I want to help other people... But when I had bulimia I felt alone - no one's helping me. It's a secret I hide - no one knows - not even my parents or friends.

I'm not doing it anymore I'm 1 year free from bulimia but my physical appearance didn't go back to the way it used to be... Will it go back?

There are a lot of things that is going in my head like my esophagus and liver might be damaged... Please help me!

Sincerely yours
- Roxanne

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