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honey, im bulimic


I know I can recover because I have before. But I need help getting to that place. I am in a vicious twirling cycle that I cant get out of by myself. I feel like I need constant care, like rehab to conquer this. Im scared to tell you everything-my fear is that you'll judge me and think im weak. Maybe im even afraid that you'll actually help me. Its worse than you think, but maybe not as bad as it could be. I think that many of my other personality issues could be resolved if I could gain control of this.Alot of what I do each day revolves around my eating disorder. A lot of my quirky going places issues are directly related to my eating disorder.I feel like an addict. I feel helpless and sometimes hopeless. I feel the pressure of getting old also an obstacle. I need help.
I am starting to feel the affects this disease is having on my body. My heart, my throat, digestive track....

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Article by Shaye Boddington
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