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Hi, i am 21 years old. And i have bulimia for almost 5 years...

(Europe, Latvia)

Hi, i am 21 years old. And i have bulimia for almost 5 years and now I think is the - breaking point - because i am very, very, very tired of doing it. It is stupid, but i must admit than there was a time when i absolutely enjoyed the bulimia, but for long time it has become my enemy number one.

Bulimia has make me emotionally and physically weak, chipmunk face, my teeth, hair, nail, are partial destroyed, and before bulimia I didn't have this 10kg extra weight! I don't have energy to do the things I love... Before bulimia I do a lot of sports and that make me feel good. I am using antidepressants, because i also have depression. Bulimia is the most worst thing that has ever happened to me.


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