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by Christina
(Santa Ana)


I have bulimia. I feel it is an entity getting me to give up on myself. I feel I have died and now I just need to transmutate my entire life into my New World. I really want to be able to trust people.

I have just recently been praying and experienced a heart connection that makes me thank God every day that I am here on the planet. I kiss the ground and feel grounded. I love this love. I realize that recovery is about opening me up to loving and accepting myself. I have been making every action, thought, and effort to do so. I have also just been allowing I do feel it is about surrender.

I want a healthy life. I see myself being extremely healthy for life. I want to accept my uniqueness. I do not want to turn to another. I need the awakening from within. I know recovery is possible and we are all coming at it form our own personal angles.

I have learned and felt recovery is very personal and leads to great pleasure. Please, I am willing to release this. I realize I keep choosing this but I feel it is out of my control.

I wish you love, truth, and life and the way.

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