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Help... What should I do? Purging is so easy...

by jia

I've been bulimic for about 3 years...

I'm looking for help because I'm getting desperate to recover... But the hard, hard, hard thing is purging is really easy. It's hard to resist because unlike most bulimics I don't need "fingers" to throw up my food...

I'm thinking it's probably because I've been doing it so often that it's become natural for me... just by giving a bit of pressure I can instantly puke everything out...

What should i do? Please help me....

Shaye Says

Hi there Jia!

You're not alone with this problem - I promise.

I used to be able to throw up just by bending over. It had always come easily - and over the years it became much easier to throw up my food then hold it in. Back then I thought this was a blessing - as it made being bulimic really easy...

But - as bulimia began to take over my life - I realized that my 'easy vomiting' skills would make it harder to recover...

And, it did make it a little harder - but i did recover - and so can you!

I've got some handy hints for helping to beat bulimia on these pages:

3 Simple Tips To Help Your Bulimia Recovery

How to write goals that help your bulimia recovery

How to end mindless munching

I hope these help you. Just remember recovery won't happen over night... It's a process that starts with baby steps. BUT... during this time remember...

What matters is not where you stand - but the direction that you face.

As long as you turn to face recovery - and keep walking in that direction - you will recover... It's just a matter of time.

Please keep in touch via my site and let me know how you get on.

Stay strong Jia!


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