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Help me understand!

by Oli

Hey, so far I have found this blog very helpful but I need to understand bulimia completely!

My girlfriend has bulimia and I am finding it hard to completely understand! Understanding her illness is the most important thing for me because it is ruining our relationship which can't happen anymore because she is the one. I have been looking around on the Internet al week trying to undersand but it never seems to explain the psychological side of the illness. I need to be able to understand this and if anyone can help me do so I will be so very grateful!

She is beautiful but cannot see it, And has similar issues to most of the people who have wrote down their stories, but she never wants to talk about it and it feels like I can't help her. She feels that telling me about how she feels or explaining anything about we illness is a waste of time, which of course upsets me a lot and I just want to be able to be there and help her get over this illness because she is the most amazing girl in the world and deserves nothing more than the perfect life.

Thanks Oli

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