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Help - I binged and purged

Help! Help! Help!

After 18 days free of bulimia I was feeling over my PMS and had a lot of stress... I binged and purged today! I had a really bad lunch, I went to a pub after the lectures, that's what I do when I have uni, to have a good quality feed. I ordered fish and it was very oily, I came home and my stomach was really feeling bad and suddenly I have found myself binging and purging :((((((( What to do now? I am so disappointed in myself! I can't belive I did it!

Please, help me!


Shaye Says

hey Ji!

Don't be dissapointed - it's just a little slip up - they happen!

The important thing to rememebr is that now you just gotta pick yourself up again and carry on... You are still 18 days into your recovery - you've just had a little slip - which is natural...

This doesn't mean that you're starting right back from the start... You have tekan 18 steps forward and 1 step back... so you're still doing great!

Keep up your good work - reminding yourself why you want to recover: health, happiness etc

Don't say I'll start again tomorrow (I always used to do that) say I am starting again right now... the slip up is over and I'm going to enjoy the rest of the day...

Now go out and do something fun :)

Stay strong,

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