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Help For Bulimia: Learn How Your Goals Are Preventing Your Recovery!

I was sitting in the shower with vomit covering the floor around me. I needed help for bulimia and I needed it now. If I waited - I was sure I'd die.

I'd suffered from bulimia since I was 8 years old. I was now 20. I didn't know what life would be like without the complications, pain and embarrassment of bulimia... but I was sure that it would be a hell of a lot better than sitting in a shower full of spew.

I bit the bullet and with shaking hands made my bulimia therapy appointment. Amanda was going to be my therapist. I bet she had never seen anyone as loony as me.

Amanda was a caring lady. A bit of a hippy I thought. I visited her for the best part of a year. During that time I learnt essential tools that helped me recover from bulimia.

There is one tool that I want to tell you about today. It's something so simple - but so powerful. Something that everyone - bulimic or not - should be taught.

Here it is...


Help for Bulimia: This simple trick worked for me - It can work for you too!

I call this tip goal setting with a positive twist. It's one of the simplest, but most effective help for bulimia tips I ever learnt...

Lets say you've created a goal for the week:

'My goal is to not to binge and throw up'

Hmm okay. You have great intentions... But, sorry to tell you this... Your brain can't understand what you're telling it...

Why? Because you're using the word not. In goal setting, never use these words...

These are all negatives and your brain doesn't notice these words.

Your goal to not binge and throw up is understood by your brain as binge and throw up!

Try to restructure the way you think and write your goals. Focus on the positive outcome of what you want. For example instead of saying your goal is to 'not binge and throw up'... try saying:

'My goal is to enjoy 3 healthy meals a day and let them nourish my body'

Can you see what a healthier and happier feeling this goal has? Although they both mean the same thing... Our brains read them completely differently!


Stick your Goal in Your Cupboard...

Grab a selection of happy colored pens, write your positive goal down and stick it in your cupboard. Beneath it, list all the wonderful things that will happen when you stick to your goal.

Remember to keep negatives out of it! Your goals and everything about them should always be focused on positives :)


Make Your Goals Measurable...

Goals that contain a measurable quantity feel much more achievable. That's because your brain can see it and visualize it.

For example: Your goal is to eat 3 healthy meals a day with 3 small snacks in between...

Your brain can understand this goal right away... You're on the same page and can put the goal into action.




Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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