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help for an 18 year old with bulimia going off to college

by Jean

My 18 year old daughter has recently been diagnosed with bulimia. She actually developed it a couple of years ago, but stopped without anyone knowing. She is seeing a therapist and physician, but I'm concerned because she is leaving for college. She is very anxious, and just cries and walks away when I try to talk to her. I don't know what to say to help her and let her know that I am here for her. I'm afraid it will only get worse in college.

How can I help her?

Shaye Says

Hi there Jean,

I am sorry to hear that what you are going through... The only thing harder than suffering from something yourself is watching those you love suffer...

I would suggest that you forward this website to your daughter. It will comfort her knowing that she is not alone - and she's not a freak. Trust me, bulimia makes you feel like a freak and that's why you don't want to talk about it.

Once she reads my story and sees that recovery is possible, she may gain the hope and courage to begin opening up about her bulimia to you.

All the best,

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