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Help... a loved one is bulimic


I am not a bulimia sufferer but i have a close loved one who is, although she does not know i know this.

I think she has been suffering from the illness for about 15years or more.

She binges and purges about once a day, sometimes twice. I am so seriously worried about her and don't know what to do, I haven't the guts to confront her as it has been such an avoided subject and feel it has been too long to just bring it up.

I am just looking for advice on what to do and how serious the threat is to her health that she has been suffering bulimia for so long and constant.

Thank you for any feedback

Shaye Says

Hi there,

You are in a very tough position... I know how defensive bulimia sufferers can be when somebody begins to question them - or even talk about food in general!

I would suggest that you email her a link to my website with a kind message... Letting her know you love her and that you want the best for her...

Then, in time, you can ask her what she thought of the website... At least it is a conversation-starter which isn't pointing the finger at her right away...

If she wants to recover, then she will look deeper into my site - and hopefully accept your offer of help when it comes.

Don't give up on her - she needs you... But, at the same time, don't kill yourself with worry - because worry only ends up giving you cancer! People can beat bulimia - and your loved one is no different...


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