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Hello Beautiful Me - Hannahs Eating Disorder Poem

by Hannah Kelly

She pulls you in and listens to
You crying in despair
She says she’ll make things better
She’s the only one that cares.

She takes you in much deeper
Her voice seems in control
Still you trust her and believe her
For the hope of feeling whole.

Then her voice is threatening
It cuts you deep inside
But you blame yourself entirely
And the tears, they won’t subside.

Now she’s screaming at you
You worthless, ugly girl
Another look in the mirror
Run to the bathroom and hurl.

Now your life is numbers
But they’re never good enough
She’ll punish you and torture you
There’s no one else to trust

The addictive cycle’s started
Emotional torment and pain
You’ve forgotten who you are now
She’s hollowing out your brain

But one day I was brave
One day I was strong
I turned to her and said
‘Anna you are wrong’

Then comes the battle
For freedom, for your life
It’s hard to trust again
But soon you learn to fight

It’s worth the tears and fear
To finally be happy,
Too look into the mirror and say
‘Hello beautiful me.’

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Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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