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He doesn't know why...

At 16 i started to become an active kid, i had always been chubbier when i was younger, actually around X, 6'2" and i felt so terrible about my body because i got into skateboarding and everyone was so skinny and meh. So between skating everyday and binging and purging (which came along with feeling fat in comparison to everyone and all the bullying) I've gone all the way to X. My family is unaware of my illness, but I'm deathly afraid to gain weight and i still feel fat ): I don't know where the light at the end of my tunnel is but I hope to see it soon because I can't handle this insecurity anymore... I feel fat every morning and check my body in the mirror and i suck in constantly my hips and ribs stick out so far now that i get bruises on them from even my laptop laying on them /: this is simply the hardest disease to overcome and I can't handle it much longer /:

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