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Having a roommate is giving me a hard time

by Caroline
(Montreal, Canada )

Ok so I've been anorexic for 1 year and a half. Then, bulimia came in. I'm bulimic since the beggining of 2012. Being at my mom's house was pretty easy for me. I had my own toilet, shared with my disabled sister (so she wouldn't notice, except that time when she entered after me throwing up and said "oooww what's that weird smell!" Thankfully my mommy wasn't there.) So anyways, I was "blessed" with free food, my own toilet and even a car to easily buy my binging food and brought it home. Then I had almost a complete summer off (summer 2012) my bulimia. But when school started again, it went back on track. In February 2013, I moved in a tiny little studio, all by myself. Paradise for my bulimic addiction. But now, it's been two weeks that I moved in with my cousin and I have to be soooo creative when it comes to throwing up. I've threw up in the kitchen sink when she was in the living room. The bath trick, I did it quite a few times. She caught me almost on act, but she knows I have an ED (actually, I've "came out of the closet" past summer, but my family thinks I'm fine now. I gained weight, so my anorexia is behind me. Yeah. But not bulimia.) So yeah, I could write so much more, but I guess I'll just read a bunch of your stories guys, just to make me feel a little less alone.

Have a good night !

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