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hate the stomache bloat, constipation feeling in bulimia recovery, will it ever go away?

by kim

I hate the stomach bloat feeling, constipation feeling, retaining water weight, will it ever go away? I've made 31 days of not throwing up, however I still struggle with binging after dinner. I have used stool softers, mirlax , enemas to help fight the fullness feeling... I hate it.

Your story is so inspiring and you are my hero. Love your books, they are so helpful.

Shaye Says

Hi there Kim,

I'm glad that you like my books and find my newsletter inspiring :)

I know the horrible stomach feelings your talking about so well... I had them severely in my recovery... Intense bloating, water retention, constipation... gas... tummy pain and more... BUT, I promise you, it does go away!

My bloating and constipation was the most intense over the first month... And then, gradually they began to go away. It was a number of months though before I felt more or less normal (although I couldn't remember what normal was - so it was a bit of a guess!)

31 Days is such an awesome effort - you are doing so well! Keep your chin up and keep your eyes on the prize. Remember - Bloating and constipation are temporary - recovery is forever!

Bye for now,

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