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Has my bulimia gone so far that I need help?

by Johanna

How do I know if my bulimia has gone so far that I need big help?

I can't really recall when it may have started, maybe here and there but I don't throw up everyday. I just had my son 2 and a half years ago, maybe since then.

Sometimes I go without doing it if I manage to keep myself busy. When I eat I always feel bubbles and food can't seem to digest well, so that when it happens?

What does this mean? I'm confused!

Shaye Says

Hi Johanna,

If there is one piece of advice I could give to anyone who is in the early staged of bulimia - it's take action now! Sooner is definitely better when it comes to this addictive illness.

Your bulimia doesn't sound too severe yet - but I have heard stories of people being killed by bulimia - even though they had only being doing it for a short time - and not even every day. It puts so much pressure on the body that really, any bulimia is too much.

Also, your body is giving you signs that your hurting it... 'bubbling' when digesting your food could indicate that the healthy bacteria in your tummy is being killed off. I'm not entirely sure - but it's definitely not happy with what's happening.

I don't think a massive intervention is necessary, but I would suggest that you see a specialized therapist to chat to and get further advice... rather safe than sorry.

I hope this advice helps...

Stay strong :)


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