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Happy ending

by John
(Whitby Ontario )

First it started like this... I had a girlfriend and I was very excited for her that I forgot to eat most of the time. From here I started losing weight like at dramatic rate. Within 3 weeks I lost almost 30 pounds. And as a result I started feeling lighter. But after 4 months, the girl I really liked and I broke up cuz I was going away to college. So from here I started working out and eating properly, soon to control everything that I ate. It had to have NO fat in it. With the obsession of not eating fatty foods, my diet shrunk to coffee and peanut butter everyday for one year. I looked like a tooth pick. From there college was becoming more stressing. One time I was alone at home and I decided to eat some food but it got out of control to the point where I felt I was going to explode. I remembered how every night before going to bed I used my tongue cleaner and most of the time it made me puke if I had pushed it back into my mouth. So feeling like I was about to explode, only thing I could do was to vomit it out. Then I used my tongue cleaner to help me vomit the food. From here I got into the habit of vomiting my food from once a week to 2 then 3 and finally 7 days a week. Getting to the point where I felt I was going insane and everytime I induced vomiting I promised I would control not to eat so much. But I broke the promise everytime...

When it was almost my finals, I felt so stressed that I said to my self fuck it and I'm just going to eat whatever and not worry about it. From one month of eating anything to gaining almost 15 pounds I decided to stop and once again started to vomit. One day I was hanging out with one of my close friend who always used to smoke MARIJUANA and I heard how it helped with depression. So I tried weed and then I noticed weed took away that feeling of binging and even throwing up...

All this time I had told no body and kept the vomiting to my self. But the good news is that weed helped me stop binging and vomiting. Now I quit weed and I eat healthy and am at a normal weight. I noticed gaining weight has become hard for me ever since. I'm glad that the haunt of binging has left me - Thank God. It was with me for a year and it was really bad...

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