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Hair loss due to bulimia, amongst other things

by kf

I've never had think long luscious hair, but it was always healthy and pretty. i became bulimic at the age of 15 and i am now 20. i never thought of the side effects, i thought i found the "short cut" for weight loss. why didn't everyone do this? it was so easy. eat anything you want..
no. it was killing me..
these past few years I've felt like a zombie. 5'6 and X pounds. constant headaches, couldn't stand up without feeling dizzy, no energy whatsoever.. i started doing drugs frequently, which i thought made me feel "better"..went through several addictions. i became VERY depressed.
Just recently i started on the depo provera birth control shot because the regular pill was getting in the way of me being able to binge and purge when i wanted to. I noticed my hair getting very very thin. I thought it was my clip in hair extensions ripping out some of my hair, so i stopped wearing them. still the problem got worse, and i continued binging and purging everyday frequently. i went to the doctor to have bloodwork done because i was starting to get nervous about my hair problem. Turns out i was anemic and so i took iron supplements. My energy slowly started to come back, but nothing like it was before. now, my hair was falling out even more. i believe it is due to being bulimic for years, but also the depo shot. NEVER go on the shot!! its horrible. I have developed sciatica from it, skin rashes, terrible mood swings and back pain, dull cramps in my legs all the time, pain in my joints, and of course hair loss. I have recently started to make a huge lifestyle change. i havent binged and purged in 2 weeks, ive been excercising and doing yoga to manage my depression and stress levels. i am taking hair skin and nails supplements and have noticed a boost in the quality of my hair, yet still sooo thin..

If I had never become bulimic i don't think any of this would have ever happened.

Please ladies, your body is all you have. treat it like a temple!

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