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Goodbye to Bulimia for Good

by Jen

I have suffered from bulimia for 10 years now. My first memory of bulimia was in 6th grade. I received a compliment that I looked thinner. I think this was the start to it. I never felt like I was the "thin" person in my class. When I heard this compliment, I felt so good and I was determined to be skinny. I started to eat less and exercise everyday. I hated feeling starved and realized I could eat all the food I wanted as long as I threw it up. I never had to stick my finger down my throat. I was able to throw up w/o doing anything. I don't remember how many times a day I threw up 6th - 12th grade. I would say 1 - 3 times a day. My bulimia really got bad when I went to college. My freshman and sophomore years of college I threw up at least 9 - 11 times a day. I was disgusted with myself. I vowed every time I binged and purged that I would never do it again. I researched on the internet the effects of bulimia. Knowing that I could die, increase the chances of esophagal cancer, and ruining my teeth scared me. I would not binge for a few days then have 2 terrible days of binging and purging. I am ready for change! I want to thank Shaye for this website and book. I have done a really good job at hiding my bulimia. I am very close with my family but they don't know. I've been to ashamed to tell them and I don't want to be an added stress to anyone. This is the first time I've shared with anyone and I already feel better. Also, knowing that I'm not the only one suffering with this is such a relief. I know that I can do this and I'm ready to say goodbye to bulimia for good!

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