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goes through lots of mouthwash

My dentist recommends lots of swishing with antibacterial mouthwash after a purge, and I do a lot of that. In my worst, I'd go through a giant bottle every couple weeks, and carry a small bottle in my purse.

Constant blisters inside my mouth.

If I did not remove my wedding ring prior to a purge, sometimes I'd develop a rash from trace amounts of vomit rotting just inside the band.

For myself, one of my biggest signs was an aversion to comments about my weight. I had the worst relapse ever during one of the most excruciating traumas of my life, and people I didn't even know would walk up to me "congratulating" me. Ugh Ugh Ugh!!!!!! "I was sick" usually shuts them up from what they think is a compliment.

I make huge orders at restaurants and don't even care anymore. If questioned, I just say, "I'm pretty darn hungry today."

Buying laxatives at several drugstores so you don't get "known". Totally overeating on sugar-free candies that "warn" of a possible laxative effect.

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