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"Get out of my body, I've already suffered too much"

by Rocío

Although I have been diagnosed with bulimia nervosa three months ago, I have been through all eating disorders since I was 12. Now I'm 18 and I have been a bulimic since I was 15.

One day when I was drunk (I used to drink too much in order to avoid my problems) I confessed to one of my sisters I was a bulimic. Since then, my parents have supported me and I'm in a treatment centre for people with eating disorders.

Despite all the help I receive from my family and professionals, it's really difficult for me to stop binging and purging.

I wish this problem wouldn't exist, I wish it disappeared.

Now all I want is to recover, to be a healthy normal person and help other people suffering with eating disorders... Only the ones who have been through this really know how hard it is.

I hope me and everybody can escape from this hell...

Shaye's experience really inspires me and should inspire everyone

(sorry my english isn't very good, i'm from Argentina)

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Article by Shaye Boddington
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