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gas after bulimia bloating!

by carly

Hi Shaye!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for this site...thanks to you i started recovering in April, had a few slip ups until july, and i haven't purged since august!:D:D

I remember the bloat the first couple of weeks was unbearable and then its slowly getting down. however, i feel I'm always full of gas and this normal?? how long will it last? its so gross and uncomfortable! I'm still kind of bloated but its gotten better...its the gas problem im worried about!:S

Any advicee??

Thank youuu!

Shaye Says

Hi Calry!

I am SO happy for you and how far you have come in recovery - that is just awesome... A whole beautiful bulimia free life awaits you! I am so happy that I have helped you get there - it makes all the work I put into this site worthwhile :)

Gas was a huge problem for me in recovery... I have always been - to put it crudely - a farter (haha!) but in recovery it got really, really bad! Not only was I farting the whole time - but sometimes the gas inside my stomach would hurt like crazy... It was very uncomfortable...

Luckily my aunty taught me a few positions which help you move the gas out of your tummy - so you can do them when you get pain - or before you go out to try and get rid of any gas in a not-so-embarrassing setting!

Here are some of them...

there is another one which is really good - but I cant find a picture to illustrate it... I'll try explain...

So you put the lower part of your body on the bed and from your hips up stretching off the bed onto the floor... The idea is to have your bottom pointing upwards and the bed putting a bit of pressure on your stomach...

Give those a try next time you're feeling gassy... if you find they are not working, wriggle around a bit and move your body slightly - this might help move the gas out.

Don't worry though - you won't have to do this forever! The gas will improve in time as your body settles into it's new and healthy state :)

I hope these wierd tips help for now!


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